Compare 197 vs 283

Unique factors11
Total factors11
Prime factorization19712831
Prime factorization197283
Divisors count22
Divisors1, 1971, 283
Number of properties139
Additive primes26th35th
Centered heptagonal primes3rd 
Chen primes35th 
Cousin primes (2nd member)14th 
Left-truncatable primes20th22nd
Lucky primes 17th
Prime quadruplets (3rd member)4th 
Prime triplets (2nd member)14th 
Prime triplets (3rd member)13th17th
Pythagorean primes21st 
Sexy primes (2nd member)25th34th
Sexy prime triplets (3rd member) 17th
Super primes 18th
Twin primes (1st member)15th 
Twin primes (2nd member) 19th
Ulam primes9th 
Base 21100010121000110112
Base 32102231011113
Base 430114101234
Base 51242521135
Base 6525611516
Base 740175537
Base 830584338
Base 923893449
Base 101971028310
Base 1116a1123811
Base 12145121b712
Base 131221318a13
Base 141011416314
Base 15d21513d15
Base 16c51611b16
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