Compare 1033 vs 1151

Unique factors11
Total factors11
Prime factorization1033111511
Prime factorization10331151
Divisors count22
Divisors1, 10331, 1151
Number of properties1010
Additive primes93rd 
Chen primes 126th
Class 1+ primes 20th
Good primes 48th
Happy primes37th40th
Harmonic primes62nd 
Long primes63rd 
Multiplicative primes 15th
Pierpont primes of the 2nd kind 20th
Pythagorean primes84th 
Sexy primes (1st member)76th 
Solinas primes48th51st
Twin primes (1st member) 41st
Twin primes (2nd member)37th 
Roman numberalsMXXXIIIMCLI
Base 2100000010012100011111112
Base 31102021311201223
Base 410002141013334
Base 5131135141015
Base 64441651556
Base 73004732337
Base 82011821778
Base 91367915189
Base 10103310115110
Base 1185a1195711
Base 12721127bb12
Base 13616136a713
Base 1453b145c314
Base 1548d1551b15
Base 164091647f16
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